Caroline first discovered her flair for putting together the perfect social ball during her days at Melbourne's Methodist Ladies College in 1995. With her passion to dress up places and people, she left the world of account servicing and advertising to launch The Wedding Entourage in 2003 with Mark van Cuylenburg (aka The Flying Dutchman).

Today, Caroline specialises in creating lavish and stunning weddings that are personalised, unforgettable and, always, the talk of the town. Armed with a keen eye for detail, a passion for creation and an agenda to impress, she has helped countless high-society couples translate their wedding visions into star-studded affairs. With her ability to bring it all together, from the vital spark of a creative idea to the execution of never-before-seen experiences, Caroline creates grand weddings and extraordinary events that wow. Beyond the grandeur and glamour, she believes the key to a perfect wedding is the important touches that define perfection, from the exclusive venue and the decadent dinner menu to the stellar entertainment. So if you're looking for an all-out affair that's laced in grandeur, Caroline is your go-to planner.

When she's not busy creating extraordinary, unforgettable wedding memories, Caroline puts her wealth of experience to use as a wedding planner extraordinaire training aspiring wedding planners. Currently, 90 entrepreneurs from around the world are learning the art of creating priceless wedding memories under Caroline.

Caroline Yakop-Lim

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