To her, the beauty in weddings lies simply, in the couple's love for each other, and that is the most important detail that every aspect of a wedding from the flowers, decor and food, to the photography, attire and entertainment should encompass.

With her love for DIY, preppy and quirky styles, Chelsea is an avid planner who loves experimenting with fresh ideas, and she goes to great lengths to ensure that every wedding is different and original. When she's not busy crafting unique wedding memories, Chelsea is out travelling and visiting cafes to gain inspiration, and jotting down ideas in her little green notebook called Tigerlily.

Having spent close to eight months in Europe, the States, and other parts of Asia throughout her university years, her exposure to different cultures has shaped her artistic direction and creative flair. Dance is about the freedom of expression and motion, and is the epitome of Chelsea's character. With seven years of background in hiphop dance, she has been involved in more than ten different concerts and productions. Be it dance concerts or fashion shows, she loves exploring the endless possibilities when it comes to conceptualizing themed productions. Her love for dance and travelling are her best sources of inspiration, enabling her to put that touch of magic in every wedding she plans.

Chelsea Low

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