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We create beautiful moments that last a lifetime. Precious and unforgettable, these moments are kept close to our hearts



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We create memories and events that wow. Truly breathtaking and always a success



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We always believe that every wedding needs to have that elegant touch so that couples will look back at their wedding decades later and it would still be timeless.

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At The Wedding Entourage, we love creating weddings that resonate with personality and meaning. To us, every couple is unique and extraordinary.

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service # 1

We’re more than just wedding planners. We’re your best friends to hold your hand through the ups and downs of wedding planning and to always have your back.

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service # 2
Destination Wedding

We to go all lengths to make sure that you get your dream wedding, including crossing geographical boundaries to execute your wedding in style.

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service # 3
Bridal Shows

We partner with many hotels to conceptualise and execute many of their bridal shows. Some of our hotel partners have been with us for over a decade.

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service # 4

Whether it’s an anniversary celebration or a birthday party, we’ll make it a celebration that you – and your guests – will never forget.


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“Singapore Tatler Best of Singapore: Wedding Planner
Years 2007 - 2019”

The best wedding planner who has since become a good friend. Caroline goes the extra mile and has all sorts of creative ideas. A perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, balancing whats trending and what the couples want. In fact, a few of my friends have gone on to use her services! Thank you for creating my dream wedding

Yasminne Cheng

I first saw how dedicated the team at TWE was when my brother engaged them. They started on the project for more than a year. From choosing the hotel to managing family expectation, crafting up the detail and decoration for the actual day. Gosh so much effort and sweat for a one day affair. And you know it is not just one more wedding for them. It is creating the one special wedding for you! So no brainer I got to engage them for my own wedding. This time, same company, different team yet posses the same dedication! Result was amazing. And I never look back on the decision I make

Jialiang & Jacqueline

Thank you TWE for getting my wife and me to a flying start! Till today, it still makes it to my conversations with couples looking to tie the knot about how remarkable TWE was. Excellent service, patience, family vibes and superb attention to detail marks TWE as one of the best in our nation in my honest opinion. Wedding stress was something that my wife and I never got to experience!

Mervin & Michelle John

I’m very thankful to have engaged Pei Yen and her team at TWE to help us with our wedding. Their experience and support was a blessing - It kept our bickering to a minimum, gave us great ideas and settled all the logistics for us while keeping everything (relatively) within budget. During the process they went above and beyond during the food tasting, gown selection, floral arrangement and various other key points. We were constantly impressed. We were able to enjoy the wedding day itself as we could trust them to execute everything without fail, from chasing down errant parents wandering around to dabaoing vegetarian food for a guest. Highly recommended, the wedding wouldn’t have been the same without them!

Greg & Connie

Engaging The Wedding Entourage as our wedding planner was the best decision we made as a couple for a stress-free journey. TWE is very responsive and professional throughout the whole process. Their recommendations were always given with our comfort in mind. What I especially liked about the team is their ability to provide personalized touches to our wedding via various details throughout the ceremony. This made our wedding uniquely ours which the guests took notice of as well. The feedback from all our guests was that the wedding went extremely smoothly and TWE had many praises from our satisfied guests! Definitely recommended to engage them :)

Rex & Charisse

Thankfully I had wedding entourage as my wedding planner back in 2018. From flowers, stationery,decorations to lightings at the ballroom were stunningly gorgeous. The dinner progressed so smoothly and on schedule that we and our guests were able to relax and truly enjoy. Thank you once again, Caroline & Pei Yen!

Anton & Josephine

The best wedding planner ! My wedding was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, And TWE (based in Singapore) has successfully conceptualized and organized a beautiful, memorable and most importantly a stress- free wedding for me. Caroline and team would go an extra mile just to make sure everything is more than alright. Thank you TWE! I look forward to many more future event planning with you guys.

C T & Jeannie

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