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Do I really need a wedding planner? I've already gotten all my wedding vendors.

Planning a wedding can be a confronting and stressful experience especially during pandemic times. It can be a case of juggling a lot of different priorities, not only in your personal life but also meeting requests from family. The ever-changing government regulations for the COVID 19 also makes it especially challenging.

A wedding planner is not only a great objective reference point to help bring your plans and ideas to life, but also a great bank of wedding knowledge that we've accumulated over the years planning over 500 weddings. We can hit the ground running with what you need and go through the process with you smoothly and efficiently.

This essentially saves you time, money, and gives you a great sense of feeling in control leading up to the wedding day. Our wedding planners can take on as little or as much planning as your life demands.

Even if you've gotten all your wedding vendors, that is only the beginning. Ensuring the wedding vision being translated in every segment, from how it's being captured, produced to precise execution, is the very essence of a perfectly planned TWE wedding.

How exactly does TWE serve as a wedding planner?

To simply put, a wedding planner is like your creative & organized personal assistant, helping you in every step of your wedding planning - and equipped with all the wedding know-how from being in the industry since 2003.

We start off with getting to know you - understanding your love story, vision and requirements. Thereafter, we schedule the process according to your preferred pace, get through all the nitty gritty administrative details (like budgeting and managing contracts), and most importantly, do everything within your assigned budget. We will conceptualize your wedding style, look and ambience and find the right partners who will come together and best bring your wedding vision to life. Most importantly, on your wedding day - you simply have to enjoy the day and leave the ground work to us. Our team of trained professionals will coordinate everything to a T, from your vendors, logistics, guests, so that you just have to bask in happiness on the most important day of your lives.

How long have we been in the wedding industry?

We have been in the wedding industry since 2003, creating beautiful memories for our couples. In 2008, we wanted to give back to the wedding industry and started mentoring wedding planning entrepreneurs since then. Mentoring new wedding planners under The People Behind (link: www.thepeoplebehind.com.sg), and seeing them grow has brought us much joy as veterans.

What differentiates you from all the other wedding planners?

TWE is a full service, full time wedding planning company. Wedding planning is our passion.

When TWE started planning weddings, we thought it was just about creating a beautiful designs and making it one of a kind. However, we've soon realized that whilst creating beautiful, one of a kind wedding designs are important, the most important aspect is actually to make the planning process fun and relaxed for you, our couple! We don't want you to fret over the technical parts of planning the wedding like budgeting, administrative tasks, coordination, but we want you to focus on the fun and exciting parts like selecting the different looks we present, food and cake tastings, trying on your gorgeous wedding gowns and choosing the perfect invitation.

Also, from our years of being in the industry, we constantly source and meet vendors, keeping close relations with them and partnering with them so that we can offer you the best rates. We always keep things transparent and you deal monetarily with the vendors directly. This means you'll never have to worry about us "forcing" you to use a particular vendor. In our first few meet ups, you'll find us asking a lot of questions about YOU - from your likes down to your dislikes, and that's our process of trying to get to know you better so we can plan a wedding where your personality shines through. It's your big day so we will make sure it is customized to fit your style.

In our first few meet ups, you’ll find us asking a lot of questions about YOU – from your likes down to your dislikes, and that’s our process of trying to get to know you better so we can plan a wedding where your personality shines through. It’s your big day so we will make sure it is customized to fit your style.

When you engage TWE, you don't just have one wedding planner. You have the support of a full team of specialists. From the creative team (The Graphic Designers), the corporate production specialists (The Flying Dutchman) to the artiste management team (Artist Management) - you have one of the largest teams supporting your wedding, and ensuring you have the best to curate your one-of-a-kind wedding.

During your wedding, you will have at least 5 experienced wedding professionals exclusively running your wedding as we truly want you to be the best host for your guests.

Other than servicing couples, we're also honoured to be the choice wedding planner chosen by hotels like JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach, Raffles Singapore, Shangri-La Singapore, The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore and The St. Regis Singapore to produce the conceptualize their annual bridal shows.

Do you only work with specific vendors?

We don't just have a generic list of suppliers that we hand out. We do, however, establish great relationships with vendors that's priceless - and that distinguishes our service from the rest. When we refer a vendor to any of our clients, we first understand them better before we introduce them to any client. We get a sense of how they work, their style and price range, and match the vendors best suited to the needs of the client.

We do not take commissions.

How many weddings do you plan in a year and do you take on more than 1 wedding per day?

To ensure that our couples have our utmost attention and care, we do not take more than 25 couples in 1 year. We also try our best not to have more than 1 wedding per weekend. This sets us apart from other wedding planners as it allows us to only focus on you, not another couple, in the days leading up to your special day. We want to be in top shape to focus on you and your needs.
Also, from the first meeting until your wedding day, your selected planner will be there every step of the way. We really want to get to know each couple and provide the best support to you on your wedding day so that you're able to relax more, knowing that familiar faces are there for you, taking care of all the wedding day details.

What is the scale of wedding receptions that you've done before?

We have done weddings from as small as 12 guests to as large as 2500 guests.

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes, we love creating wedding experiences anywhere. From our home country of Singapore to anywhere in the world. We've done small intimate celebrations in Tuscany (180 guests) to larger scale ones in Kuala Lumpur (800 guests).

How do you keep in touch with you couples?

We keep in touch with our couples in any way they're comfortable with and based solely on their preferences. Be it WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, E-mails, zoom calls, SMS, phone calls - anything you want, really! We'll also create an online sharing folder to ensure you have access to your wedding planning materials, anywhere and anytime. All folders are organized with meeting notes, contracts, administration, weekly to do list and creative concepts filed in for easy reference.

Is it true that using a wedding planner means my cost with vendors will go up?

Not at all. We are completely transparent and you will be updated in all price negotiations with the selected vendors. No vendor will be selected without your approval on all issues including their price. You will also be directly dealing with the vendors monetarily, with no commissions taken from our end. You might, however, get a better deal with vendors whom we've partnered with for special deals and perks, such as hotels, photographers, decor, gowns and so on.

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